Naruto Images Before 2006

The celebration is almost halfway done but we still got New Years, now don't we?
Everything is "just chill" especially since I got this neat present thingy from a relative who came from Japan. Still don't know what use it will be to me but I love it either ways. More about that in a later post but just glad that at least was able to post some pictures from the anime series "Naruto".
It's one of my favorites and currently up to date with both the anime and manga as always but can't seem to shake this feeling of indifference for the filler episodes they have going on. There have been a few moments here and there that were good but nothing impressive. Anyway, hopefully you enjoy these images.

Finally! After a year, I have gotten around to putting up pictures of the Japanese gift given to me. It is a teddy bear made out of wood with some Kanji characters on its belly. It opens up so one can store intricate things inside and it's quite soft inside. Yay for me! Now if only I could give such wonderful gifts as well.

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