What That Woman Wants

(Playing "Genie in a Bottle" in my head) I like to think that I am prepared for everything but Sunday was an exception. Perhaps to some it is not even worth mentioning but after what happened I was without words. But let me backtrack a bit and set the scene for ya.

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I was chillaxing (Not my word. Heard it from someone else) watching the Jets versus Bills game in which they were winning. As is the custom, I was asked to go get some din din. I just had to put on my shoes and go downstairs to order something Chinese. While the cooks were making it, I stood in the doorway staring outside and I saw this woman walking by. She seemed familiar as though I'd seen her before. Right then, she came up to me and mumbled some words with what seemed to be English but I couldn't understand what she said. She must've noticed my facial expression and so this time she tried again in Spanish saying, "Quieres servicio?" Me being slow, I was still trying to figure out what she meant by that. Translated it more or less means do you want service. Then I was like "Oooohh, I get it" in my head but my sudden realization quickly turned to "Ewwwww." Now I remember her face. Since I commute back and forth to my University, I tend to arrive home late night. On one of these nights as I was going upstairs to my apartment, that very woman was just leaning back on the wall. Me, I could care less about who is outside so I just kept going up and passed her. But she must've been looking for ... uhm ... suitors. This is the best image I could find for a whoreAnyhow, I just quickly said no and after she had left, the Chinese cook called me and asked me in his broken English if she had asked me for it. At this point, he made a zero with his right hand, a one on his left and started penetrating suggestively. This guy was just laughing and went on to inform me that she has been looking for "employment" all over the neighborhood. Oh man! I was just disgusted with the very idea. I mean come on ... she was fat, old, and UGLY. You gotta try harder than that to get me. The day I start paying for "favors" is the day I have really fallen. Too bad no one also told her I am stingy with my money. Ha!

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