The Chinese Character I Hate the Most

I really am having a blast in my Chinese class and do not regret enrolling in it even though people tell me it's very difficult. It helps that I have a great teacher who is just so cool. As usual we are constantly learning new characters and it's very invigorating to retain as much as possible.
Yes, I do have trouble with some of them but that's another story. Somewhat recently 我的老师/my teacher showed us the word for car. It is pronounced as chē and written as in simplified form. As you may or may not know, the Chinese writing system has a traditional and a simplified form. The People's Republic of China tried to simplify the traditional characters in order to increase literacy in the country. Simplified versus Traditional formThough my teacher tells me that it shouldn't be called traditional but rather complex because some simplified characters are older than the ones labeled as traditional. Anyway that's beyond my knowledge right now and besides the point. The moment I laid my eyes on , I despised it. It's an ugly character compared to the traditional one: . The latter you can visually imagine where the wheels would go and thus remember it as car. This is not the first time seeing this as I had to learn this Kanji character during my Japanese class which goes by as くるま/kuruma. For the most part, Kanji uses the Chinese traditional form. Seriously though, how can 车 be much easier to remember than ? Just because it has less strokes doesn't mean it's simpler. It would look sick if it was alive and ugh ... disgusting. But because I hate it so much it was burned into my brain so that I can point it out to others and secondly for my exam ... maybe. Just think back to that Simpson's episode about the Soapbox derby where Homer said something like "Martin! Martin! I'll forever curse that name" But yeah I am convinced they did this just to make it harder for me :p

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