Look! Sasuke Pictures The Freaks Will Enjoy

Having finished reading the Naruto manga chapter 364, I was reminded to finally post some images of Sasuke. I guess watching the final battle between Sasuke and Deidara encouraged me.
I will say though that I was a bit confused as to who’s the real Akatsuki leader. Perhaps I need to read it again since I tend to miss the obvious often. But I, for one, am glad Tobi is not dead and with his revelation, he just made the whole storyline that more interesting. Although my favorite Akatsuki member is still Sasori. Anyway, enjoy the gallery even though a few of them are repeated from my last naruto pictures. This time around I linked them to the biggest resolution. Lastly the majority of these Sasuke images are not up date in terms of the anime but I am sure they're enough to satisfy the Sasuke
fans, right?

Sasuke Uchiha Pictures

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