Bleach Pics from the Early Episodes

Check out these sweet bleach anime images. Love bleach the anime but everytime look for any anime series pic, it's always just random crap. Anyhow, collected my favorites here from the first 60 episodes and before. More or less. Hope you like it. Let me know which is your favorite

Bleach Gallery

1. How did you start out with the Bleach anime series?

It was actually introduced by that mofo who goes by the name asukal. He told me of it and ever since I watched a few episodes, I got hooked. Wonder if he still remembers me asking him to give me the next episodes. Actually, the above bleach pictures were from those early episodes which I kep watching straight in one night.

2. Didn't you have homework to do during this time?

ugh ... next question please

3. Who is your favorite bleach character?

I actually hate these kind of questions because I really don't have one for most anime series. But, if I really must choose ... I would go with Nel. She is sooo cute and that scene where she was glaring at Rukia ... hehe. Wonder if there's a place to find bleach avatars ... I would so go for nel.

4. Do you follow the manga?

Nope. I do it for Naruto, but you run into the trouble of ruining the suspense when you're watching the anime which I really miss from Naruto. It makes me more into the show not knowing what will happen.
What about you guys? How did you get introduced to Bleach?

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