Have you seen these pictures of Gaara?

The son of the Fourth Kazekage, Gaara is pretty cool guy. Wonder how powerful he is now that the shukaku was taken from him. Or even if
he has lost his sand shield ability. Here are some images to enjoy of the one tailed jinchuriki.

Gaara's family

Gaara's older brother, Kankuro, and sister, Temari.

The Sand Trio

Sand Gaara

Revealing the sand clone in genin battle

Sand clone

The crying host to the Shukaku

When Gaara was a little baby


The young gaara when everybody rejected him

As a child

The jinchurikki cries when a child
Boo hoo

Gaara the angry genin

Face of a one who is not loved
The Face

The strange symbol on Gaara's forehead... meaning love in chinese/japanese
Kanji Character

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